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HERMES - Carres Volants scarf 70 Bleu Myosotis (pre-owned, 100% new)

HERMES - Carres Volants scarf 70 Bleu Myosotis (pre-owned, 100% new)

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Scarf in silk with hand-rolled edges (100% silk).

This 70 scarf format is light and easy to wear.

Made in France

Designed by Pierre Marie

Dimensions: 70 x 70 cm | As this scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.


Product reference:

H983849S 11



Showcasing his exceptional eye for detail and ornamentation, Pierre Marie continues the story he began with Hermes in 2015: La Maison des Carres. One that playfully details all the stages in the creation and manufacture of an Hermes carre. The scarves are seen flying with their own wings, transporting damsels towards other horizons; taking them on peaceful trips with views above the clouds. Hidden under an orange box that is far too small for it, a turtle has also taken this opportunity to go on new adventures!


This essential Hermès accessory complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!

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