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HERMES - Hermes Electrique scarf 45 (pre-owned, 100% new)

HERMES - Hermes Electrique scarf 45 (pre-owned, 100% new)

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Scarf in silk twill with hand-rolled edges (100% silk).

Whether it's in your hair, around your neck or on a bag, this small-sized scarf is easy to wear and instantly transforms your look.

Made in France

Designed by Dimitri Rybaltchenko

Dimensions: 45 x 45 cm | As this pocket square is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.


Product reference:

H893029S 15



Based on the design of the Hermès Électrique scarf
In the spotlight, Hermès has fun covering its tracks. Like a village during a festival, a circus tent, or a Broadway musical comedy, the Hermès name shines bright! In this Dimitri Rybaltchenko composition, the letters are the acrobats, the ambiance is electric, energetic, and dynamic: attention Ladies and Gentlemen, the show is about to begin!


This essential Hermès accessory complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!

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