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YAYOI KUSAMA - "Citrouilles" Series N°2, 2002

YAYOI KUSAMA - "Citrouilles" Series N°2, 2002

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"Citrouilles" Series N°2, 2002

limoges ceramic

 7 by 9 cm each ; 2.75 by 3.54 in

Green pepper shape

Set of 5 sculptures

The complete set of five glazed porcelain multiples in colors, 2002, each with the artist's stamped signature, date and the Limoges France stamp on the underside, numbered HC, published by FMR Limited, Osaka, Japan, in very good condition, each with the original colored paper-covered box and is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity issued by FMR Limited. This set is from one of ten hors commerce copies aside from the numbered edition of 130.


Artwork Description

Celebrated as one of the most influential living artists, Yayoi Kusama is renowned for her installations, sculptures, and paintings. Born in 1929 in Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan, Kusama began painting pumpkins and creating artwork to express her hallucinations at a young age, which would later shape her career. In 1958, after moving to Seattle, she moved to New York City where she became friends with artists Donald Judd and Joseph Cornell. It was during this time that Infinity Nets paintings, intricate webs and repetitive brushstrokes were developed. Through organising and participating in a series of happenings and Pop performances, Kusama rose to prominence in the 1960s. Although she returned to Japan since the early 1970s due to the status of her mental health, she continued to create art in the hospital and later returned to the scene at the 1993 Venice Biennale. In 2021, Kusama’s acrylic on canvas Pumpkin (LPASG) (2013) has broken her previous records with HK $62.5 million (US $8 million) at Christie’s auction.

Kusama's work is in the collections of museums throughout the world, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix; Tate Modern, London; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Salt Lake City, UT; and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. In October 2006, Kusama became the first Japanese woman to receive the Praemium Imperiale, one of Japan's highest honours for internationally recognized artists.

Kusama has been suffering from mental disorders throughout her life, the “soul” is like an old friend whom she has revisited over and over for many years in the process of finding her true self and inner peace. According to Kusama, the recurring subject of “pumpkin” in her works has always acted as a home to her soul and provide her with great comfort and calmness against the mental chaos.

“I adore pumpkins…As my spiritual home since childhood, and with their infinite spirituality they contribute to the peace of mankind across the world…they make me feel at peace.” - Yayoi Kusama 

The complete set of five glazed porcelain multiples in colors presented here is titled “Citrouilles" Series N°2 by Yayoi Kusama. They were published by FMR Limited, Osaka, Japan in 2002 with a limited edition of 130 plus 10 hors commerces. Each of them is accompanied with the artist's stamped signature, date and the Limoges France stamp on the underside, and the corresponding original colored paper-covered box which contain them. This set is from one of ten hors commerce copies aside from the numbered edition. They are kept in very good condition along with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by FMR Limited.


*HC – Hors Commerce (translated to ‘out of trade’, in English)

Translated from French as ‘not to sell’ or ‘out of trade’, a Hors Commerce (HC) print proof is an impression that is typically not for sale. Usually reserved for the publisher, HC prints are often gifted by the artist. The rarest of all the types of editions, HC prints are considered the most valuable.




釉彩 陶瓷 雕塑 


 每個7 x 9 公分;2.75 x 3.54 英寸

版數:H.C. (此作共有130版+10版H.C.)



作為最有影響力的在世藝術家之一,草間彌生以其裝置、雕塑和繪畫而聞名。她於 1929 年出生於日本長野縣松本市,從小就開始創作和繪畫來表達她的幻覺,尤以南瓜為題,這對她後來一生中的創作非常關鍵。1958 年,草間輾轉從美國西雅圖再搬到了紐約市,在那裡跟藝術家唐納·賈德和約瑟夫·康奈爾成為了朋友。正是在這段時間裡,她創作了「無限之網」、複雜的網和重複的波點筆觸,並一直沿用在其作品之中。草間彌生通過組織和參與一系列活動和流行表演,在 1960 年代聲名鵲起。儘管她在 1970 年代初期因心理健康狀況而返回日本,但她仍繼續在療養院創作,後來在 1993 年威尼斯雙年展上重放光芒。 2021 年,草間彌生的布上壓克力作品《南瓜 (LPASG) 》 (2013) 在佳士得拍賣會上以 6250 萬港元(800 萬美元)的價格,打破了她之前的紀錄,成為她最高價的作品。

草間彌生的作品被世界各地的博物館收藏,包括紐約現代藝術博物館(MoMA)、洛杉磯郡立藝術館(LACMA)、沃克藝術中心、鳳凰美術館、泰特現代藝術館、阿姆斯特丹市立博物館、巴黎蓬皮杜藝術中心、猶他美術館和東京國立近代美術館。 2006 年 10 月,草間彌生成為首位榮獲「高松宮殿下紀念世界文化獎」的日本女性,此為日本國際知名藝術家最高榮譽獎項之一。



此處呈現的全套五件彩釉陶瓷南瓜雕塑,被草間彌生名為《Citrouilles(南瓜)》N°2系列。它們於2002年由日本大阪FMR公司出版,限量發行130件,另加10件H.C.,此作為其中一件H.C.版。它們附有藝術家蓋章簽名、日期和底部的 Limoges France 印章,以及相對五件的原裝顏色紙盒。它們保存完好,並附有 FMR Limited 頒發的藝術品保證書。


*註:譯自法文 Hors Commerce,意為非賣品,HC打印試作版為不予銷售的版本。通常為出版商保留,HC版本的版畫通常是藝術家饋贈,是所有版本中最為罕見的,也被認為是最珍貴的。

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