Line and Rhyme (Set of two paintings)

Line and Rhyme (Set of two paintings)

Chu Teh-Chun

b. 1920


Line and Rhyme (Set of two paintings)

two ink paintings on paper

signed by the artist at each painting (lower right)

Executed year unknown.

14.2 by 13.8 cm (upper painting) (5 9/16 by 5 7/16 in.);
14.2 by 15.3 cm (lower painting) (5 9/16 by 6 1/32 in.).


*This is a loaned work from and with thanks to Lucie Chang Fine Arts.



b. 1920





款識:藝術家簽名 (每幅右下)


*感謝Lucie Chang Fine Arts借展這件作品。 




This is a set of two ink paintings created by Chu Teh-chun. In his childhood, Chu was deeply influenced by his grandfather and developed a keen interest in traditional ink art and calligraphy. He was taught by Pan Tianshou, a master of modern ink painting, to develop his superb calligraphy skills and the use of ink. Chu has been exploring ink for half a century: in addition to the rigorous calligraphy lines and the sudden and unexpected gestures, he is also good at constructing beautiful pictures with simplistic points, lines and planes. This set of works is very rare for this reason. One of them shows the rhythm of the lines, and the other presents the aroma of the dots created by ink: pure and clear, delicate and cute. Chu's brushstrokes are seemingly natural and out of instinct, but indeed they are constructed in a precise calligraphic skill of using the center tip of the pen, in a continuous way from the beginning till the end, expressing the gentleness and strength at the same time. The two works show the careful composition of point, line, and plane within the space, fusing the expression and spirit of Chinese and Western art, and they are mutually interesting.