Tony Oursler - Cold Brew Coffee

Tony Oursler - Cold Brew Coffee

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Tony Oursler 


喝杯CURATOR Art & Café 特製的冷萃咖啡或藝術印花咖啡,讓咖啡因帶你躍進Tony Oursler 的詭秘夢境,盡情感受藝術與創意帶來的大腦刺激。


Tony OurslerLOCK 2,4,6》攜手 CURATOR Art & Café呈獻主題咖啡




開放時間:上午 11時至晚上 9


如想嘗試一場非凡體驗,可到由美國多媒體及裝置藝術家Tony Oursler 於K11 MUSEA的Garage所設計的一場詭秘夢境,感受大腦刺激,思考人類意識形態。這次展示的《LOCK 2,4,6》於香港首次展覽,早前曾於台灣高雄市立美術館舉辦的Tony Oursler 回顧展中展出,備受好評。作品以多部投影同步呈現不斷循環的播放獨白,以及不同形狀的巨型圖形平板,令觀者猶如置身於迷宮般漫遊探索,帶來震撼心靈的體驗。作品靈感源自心靈和身體的困惑,神經和腦海的影像所啟發,裝置在捕捉認識論、社會學、解剖學和語言學等互聯系統之間互相回應的過程。觀眾可透過CURATOR Art & Café的咖啡因刺激下,在不同元素之中遊走,成為藝術和分析過程的一部分,追尋因與果的軌跡。


這次史無前例​​的跨界合作,將當代數碼藝術與飲食界聯繫起來,Oursler 與 CURATOR 聯手打造咖啡專櫃裝置,展示由Oursler作品所啟發的飲品。咖啡專櫃裝置利用投影、圖像、平板製造成迷宮,讓人漫遊探索。Oursler 的裝置與咖啡因的概念相仿,觀眾一邊享受咖啡,一邊感受咖啡因所帶來的大腦刺激,躍進一場光怪陸離的詭秘夢境。

Dare yourself to enter American conceptual artist Tony Oursler’s eclectic rumination on brain stimulation, and zoom through the eccentric dreamland — with all the vividness of a neurotic caffeine binge from the cold brew coffees Artsy Print Coffee of CURATOR.


Tony Oursler “LOCK 2, 4, 6” with artist-inspired coffees by CURATOR Art & Café, Garage, B2/F

A truly immersive exploration with coffee booth featuring art print and cold brew coffee inspired by Oursler’s body of work

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm


For an otherworldly experience, dare yourself to enter American artist Tony Oursler’s eclectic rumination on brain stimulation and zoom through the eccentric dreamscape located at the Garage. Previously showcased at the artist’s recent retrospective at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, this debut exhibition in Hong Kong features the works  Lock 2, 4, 6 bring an intuitive mind-stunning experience as visitors navigate through a maze of synchronized projections, super-graphics and shaped flat panels. Inspired by the puzzle of the mind, body problem and neurological and brain imaging advances, the installation is designed to capture an epistemological, social, anatomical and linguistic feedback process that connects the interrelated systems. Viewers become part of the art and the analytical process by moving from element to element, tracing the flow of cause and effect, all with the vividness of a neurotic caffeine binge brought by CURATOR Art & Café.

An unprecedented partnership bridging contemporary digital art and the culinary world, Oursler will be collaborating with CURATOR to construct a café, with drinks inspired by Oursler’s body of work. The coffee booth forms a meta-installation, utilising synchronized projections, graphics and shaped flat panels to form a maze through which viewers can experience a truly immersive exploration. Oursler’s installation correlates with the concept of caffeine, in which caffeine stimulates cerebral activity, acting as a central nervous system stimulant that affects the body in many ways.