Untitled, circa 1974

Untitled, circa 1974

Chu Teh-Chun

b. 1920



lithograph, screenprint

signed by the artist (lower right)

Executed circa 1974.


*This is a loaned work from and with thanks to Lucie Chang Fine Arts.



b. 1920





款識:藝術家簽名 (右下)


*感謝Lucie Chang Fine Arts 借展這件作品。 


此作是朱德群於約1974年創作的石版及絲網印刷作品。吳冠中曾這樣描述他的作品:「遠看像西洋畫,近看像中國畫。」朱德群自50年代遠赴法國後受西方抽象大師尼古拉·德·斯塔埃爾(Nicolas de Staël)所啟發,創作從具象走到抽象,筆觸間流露出早期已紮下的油畫和書法基礎:既帶有西方濃豔強烈、層次豐厚的色彩元素,也表現出中國山水水墨的靈秀縱逸。朱德群童年時深受傳統水墨藝術熏陶,尤為喜愛繪畫中國山水;後來受到西方抽象表現主義啟發,便透過融合西方的抽象幾何線條和中國草書筆法,以獨樹一格的風格描繪山河的壯麗。1974年5月29日至6月29日,法國巴黎的Galerie Soleil畫廊為朱德群舉辦主題為“Recent paintings”的個人展覽,此件作品被選作該展覽的宣傳海報設計。


This work is a lithograph and screenprint work by Chu Teh-Chun circa 1974. Wu Guanzhong once described his work: "It looks like a Western painting from a distance, but a Chinese painting up close." Since his travelling to France in the early 1950s, Chu had encountered the works by the Western abstract master Nicolas de Staël, who inspired him to move from figurative art to abstract art. His works reveal his profound foundation in oil painting and Chinese traditional calligraphy developed from his early days, which not only embody rich layers of electrifying colours, but also present the massive beauty of Chinese landscape in ink and wash. In his childhood, Chu was deeply influenced by traditional ink art, especially fond of that of Chinese landscapes. Later, inspired by Western abstract expressionism, he combined Western abstract geometric lines and Chinese cursive brushwork to depict the magnificence of mountains and rivers in a unique style. This work was used as the visual of the poster for his solo exhibition, Recent Paintings, at Galerie Soleil in Paris from May 29th to June 29th, 1974.