Untitled (Green Landscape), 1966

Untitled (Green Landscape), 1966

T’ang Haywen

b. 1927


Untitled (Green Landscape)

oil on canvas

Executed in 1966

100 by 81 cm. (39 3/8 by 31 7/8 in.)



Private collector



b. 1927











Untitled (Green Landscape) is an original oil painting by T’ang Haywen in 1966. When he arrived in Paris, France in 1948, he was driven by the prevailing atmosphere of New Realism, a large-scale artistic movement at that time that advocates freedom of imagining and reshaping the material form of lives, to determine to get rid of the conventional boundaries and pursue his dream of being an artist. Through continuous observation and experimentation in the process of creation, he incorporates not only the Western styles and techniques, but also his profound understanding of the Taoism philosophy into his works, for example, the harmony between humans, and between human and nature, as well as the fragility of human beings when they are confronted with the nature. As much as how simple and innocent his works are, and how frequently they are interpreted as realistic paintings, they are also very mysterious as they are embedded with inexplicable metaphors, which often lead the viewer to explore the inner self. T’ang once said: "My painting is neither figurative nor abstract. I do not seek to describe the world, but rather bypassing and overcoming the conscious world in order to explore new forms still linked to nature and its rhythm. I am looking to identify Nature's forces and materialize them into painting.”