Uraga, Ethiopia by Seven Seeds
Uraga, Ethiopia by Seven Seeds
Uraga, Ethiopia by Seven Seeds

Uraga, Ethiopia by Seven Seeds

TASTES LIKE Blackcurrant, Grape, Tea Rose
PROFILE Fragrant & Honeyed
ROAST Light, Filter Brewing


  • ORIGIN Oromia, Ethiopia
  • PRODUCER Various small holder producers
  • HISTORY 1st purchase
  • VARIETIES Varied Semi Forest Coffees
  • PROCESS Fully Washed
  • HARVEST Nov 19 - Jan 20
  • ALTITUDE 2550-2300 masl
  • LOT SIZE 360kg
  • PARTNERS Cafe Imports



Uraga is a woreda in the Guji zone, where coffee is grown on very small farms (less than 1/2 hectare each on average) alongside corn, barley, beans, and wheat. Both Washed and Natural coffees are produced at the Uraga washing station. Coffees in Ethiopia are typically traceable to the washing station level, where smallholder farmers‚ many of whom own less than 1/2 hectare of land, and as little as 1/8 hectare on average‚ deliver cherry by weight to receive payment at a market rate.

The coffee is sorted and processed into lots without retaining information about whose coffee harvest is in which bag or which lot. However in recent years, export restrictions by government have been relaxed, making it possible for individuals to export their coffee, provided they have an export license. Alternatively, groups of individuals could feasibly come together and export together under one license and one name.