About Us

This photo was taken on site of CURATOR Style's booth at Art Central Hong Kong 2021.


About CURATOR Group

Established in Hong Kong in Spring 2018, the CURATOR Group is an aggressively thriving art & culture enterprise that takes the lead in bringing art to everyday life. Crossing over two core industries, art business and creative F&B business, CURATOR is dedicated to curating a brand-new way of lifestyle and presenting a genuine, artistic experience to the eyes, palates and souls. With a team full of creativity and innovative ideas, CURATOR never fails to surprise the public with one-of-a-kind events, collaborations and IP projects such as Le Petit Prince and Perrier x MURAKAMI, and has developed a prestigious reputation both locally and internationally among contemporary art and culinary arts enthusiasts over the years.

With a solid establishment of creative cafes, art spaces and online e-commerce platforms, CURATOR has grown rapidly and secured an influential position in the creative field. The brand has garnered a wide range of audiences who are opinionated, youthful, and bold. To satisfy various needs from different individuals, CURATOR has not only launched the creative F&B department, but also developed two main business sectors in the art department: art shop for art-lovers and private art advisory service for serious collectors. Its signature Artsy Print Coffee, together with the “edible art” tailor-made for world-leading auction partners ranging from Sotheby’s, Phillips to Christie’s Hong Kong, has markedly impressed the art world in recent years.


About CURATOR Style

As the group’s subsidiary with a discerning focus on art business, CURATOR Style is an unconventional art brand, prominently positioning itself in the contemporary art scene by showcasing over thirty featured artists from all around the globe, especially the blue-chip artists such as Kusama, Nara, Murakami and KAWS. CURATOR Style has developed into two sectors to cater different needs of art collectors: online/offline art shop for direct purchase and art advisory for high-value private sales.

With three physical stores opening in the populated areas in Hong Kong – CURATOR Art & Café at K11 MUSEA, Lex Coffee at Kennedy Town, and CURATOR Creative Café at M+ – CURATOR Style continues the mission to bring art closer to daily life and creates an inviting environment for displaying a wide range of art pieces from editioned prints to figurine toys, and to associated apparels and merchandises, all handpicked by art specialists/curators. For the specialized VIP art advisory service, the specialists help serious collectors, investors, private museums, enterprises, and funds to acquire high-quality, original artworks and collectible editions especially of top coveted artists difficult to access. In May 2021, CURATOR has gained enormous exposure by participating in the international art fair - Art Central Hong Kong 2021, which attracted thousands of visitors over the four days. Later in September 2021, the team organized a decent private exhibition in their space in K11 Atelier to introduce prominent contemporary artists and their significant works to their collectors. 

Seeking to expand its influence in the art world, CURATOR Style collaborates with global cultural and lifestyle leaders to cultivate authentic art experience and spark conversations between artists, specialists, and audiences. Following the success of its public art talks organized with Seoul Auction and Phillips, it continues to host seasonal art events open to public in its local stores, attracting hundreds of visitors in every session.