"Living with Botero"

Born in Colombia, Fernando Botero is a renowned figurative art master who is known for his signature style, “Boterismo”, usually reified by proportionally exaggerated, volumetric figures as the artist is inexplicably obsessed with the beauty of volume.

Offering a privilege that everyone can be a part of the master’s art that he himself has been living with for at least 30 years, CURATOR is delighted to announce the “CURATOR x Botero x Ora Ora: Living with Botero” exhibition, a compelling 3-way collaboration with the artist and the international gallery, Ora-Ora, and the launch of a series of uplifting and Christmassy merchandise, as well as our Botero-inspired afternoon tea set. Also, as an extension of Ora-Ora’s exhibition at Tai Kwun, the CURATOR flagship store is styled as a recreation of the artist’s apartment in New York, showcasing some of the reproduced masterpieces of the artist. Don’t miss the chance to visit us!

Inspired by Botero and his masterpiece “Still Life with Watermelon”, @curatorstyle has curated an exclusive afternoon with French and Colombian culinary touches. Don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious tea set while appreciating the masterpieces of Botero.

Echoing the theme of “Living with Botero”, the exquisitely curated merchandise, including candles, throws, and cushions, are all imbued with the Christmas vibes and scents that are perfect for cozy and homey decorations in Christmas time.


“Living with Botero” Campaign Details:

Afternoon Tea Set

6/12/2021 – 28/1/2022

2:15pm – 6:00pm Weekdays

Merchandise available online from 3/12/2021