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ZAO WOU-KI - Garden At Night (Signed and Framed), 1954

ZAO WOU-KI - Garden At Night (Signed and Framed), 1954

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Garden At Night

Lithograph printed in 5 colours on Japan paper

signed by the artist (lower right); inscribed “épreuve d'artiste" 

Executed in 1954, this work is one of the three extremely rare artist proofs on Japan paper, outside of an edition of 95 on Rives paper.

44 by 57 cm. (17 5/16 by 22 7/16 in.)




b. 1921




款識:無極ZAO (右下),épreuve d'artiste 



Garden At Night is a lithograph work by Zao Wou-ki in 1954 during his "Oracle-Bone Period" (1954-1962). The most important characteristic of this work is that it is executed on Japan paper from a rare edition of 3 artist proofs outside of the edition of 95 on Rives paper. Between 1953 and 1954, Zao Wou-ki gradually got rid of figurative forms such as still life and flowers, neither did he continue to depict the narrative scenery. Due to the excavation of a large number of oracle bone inscriptions in the same year, he turned his attention back to the ancient cultural roots of his motherland, China, grasping the abstract meaning of these ancient linguistic symbols from the bronze ceremonial vessels, inscriptions, and inscriptions of the Shang and Zhou dynasties to create a series of mysterious and profound abstract works largely related to an ancient Chinese religion. As the artist himself said: "These motifs took on shapes, while their backgrounds began to take on spatial depth." Indeed, it was a very bold and innovative way of abstract expression in the historical context of the art world then.

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